Checking Accounts
  • Draft, Checking, Money Market
  • Account Balance
  • Transfer Funds
  • Transaction History
  • Stop Payment Request
  • Check Reorder
  • Check Photocopy Request
  • Current Dividend Rates
  • Year-to-Date Interest
  • Prior Year Dividends
  • Order Statement Copy
  • Check Search
  • Cross-Account Transfer of Funds

Open Loan / LOC Accounts
  • Outstanding Balance
  • Payment Transfer
  • Next Payment: Amount/Date
  • Payoff Information
  • Year-to-Date Interest
  • Prior Year Interest
  • Available Credit
  • Advance Request
Deposit Accounts
  • Savings, Club, CD, IRA, Money Market
  • Account Balance
  • Transfers Funds
  • Withdrawal Request-Mail
  • Transaction History
  • Current Dividend Rates
  • Year-to-Date Dividends
  • Prior Year Dividends
  • Order Statement Copy
  • Redeem Certificate
  • Renew Certificate
  • Open New Deposit Account
  • Cross-Account Transfer of Funds

Additional Services
  • Spoken Rates by Products
  • Cross-sell
  • Help, Repeat, Backup
  • Transfer to Agent
  • Action Slips

  • Branch Locations / Hours / Holiday Closings
  • Credit Card Services
  • Merchant Services
  • Telephone Surveys
  • Targeted Marketing

Anytime, anywhere accessibility

TALIS™ Voice Gateway Banking supports a full complement of self-service and multi-lingual banking functions. Your customers can check balances or transfer funds and so much more with the convenience of using their voice. And, for those times when customers transact business in public places, integrated touchtone recognition allows transactions to be performed with complete confidentiality.

All types of customer transaction, investment and loan accounts are supported—checking, savings, certificate, money market, line of credit, and more. The call flow is based upon a directed dialog strategy to guide your customers easily and logically

throughout the call. Parameters in your core customer account data base system and the TALIS™ Voice Gateway Banking feature invoke your desired banking rules and requirements.

Further, TALIS™ Voice Gateway Banking supports non-linked core database functions such as orders for copies of statements, re-order checks, purchase savings bonds, open new accounts, etc. Additionally, TALIS™ Voice Gateway Banking interacts with other TALIS™ Voice Gateway features such as lending to approve instant loans for customers needing more funds or used vehicle pricing to attract customers to your automotive finance programs.