Anytime, anywhere reliability

TALIS™ Voice Gateway Lending is built upon 20 years of lending, telephony and voice product experience from Vysym, the company that introduced telephone lending to the country.

Years of operation and input built this premier product. Comprehensive in scope, TALIS™ Voice Gateway Lending provides the flexibility to design a telephone lending solution right for you. Borrowers can readily get information about your loan products and services, determine borrowing power and calculate payments or mortgage refinancing savings. For those wanting privacy, they can use the keypad.

Borrowers can easily apply for any type of loan and receive instant, same-call approvals (another Vysym first)—all subject to your credit parameters.

TALIS™ Voice Gateway Lending lets you serve not a portion but your entire loan market 24/7. The convenience of voice self-service offers anytime, anywhere easy access to your lending program. Cost-effective, calls take less time than conversations with agents; full-featured, sophisticated automatic speech recognition, extensive internal reference databases and automatic web lookups speed and simplify the process.

Vysym's established telephone lending program provides quality and consistency of service—reliability well-known and respected in the industry.

  • Serves New or Current Borrowers
  • Supports Risk-Based & Fixed Loan Product Pricing
  • Supports Any Type of Loan
  • Provides Complete Product Information
    • – Available terms, payment
    • – Rate and fee information
    • – Credit policy information
    • – Collateral requirements
    • – Borrowing power / Mortgage
         refinance savings, etc.
  • Accepts Any Type of Loan Application
  • Allows Instant Credit Analysis
  • Issues Immediate or Conditional Approval
  • Additional Services
    • – No pre-enrollment
    • – Multilingual capability
    • – Cross sell products / services
    • – Market tracking and analysis
    • – Statistical and management
    • – Surveys
    • – Targeted Marketing