Anytime, anywhere convenience

With the TALIS™ Voice Gateway system, you get marketing value added in a number of ways that best meets your needs. You can opt for our Targeted Marketing module to extend messaging reach cost-effectively—at any time, with any campaign; and, you can benefit from our free survey and voting marketing tool through an easy-to-use set up process.

Targeted Marketing Module
Targeted marketing/informational messages can accomplish a number of things and are completely customizable:

  • Done by individual account number
  • Can be directed to entire membership or to a select, pre-determined group defined by parameters the credit union establishes
  • Part of a larger campaign such as a mailer follow-up
  • Message/information on special products or credit union events or other announcements
  • Excellent cross-sell opportunity

Automatic call transfers
  • Prompted or immediate
  • For collections
  • For the lending department

INCLUDED with system

  • Voice-enabled; interactive
  • Any type of question can be asked
  • Numeric answers, yes/no, scale (1-10), satisfaction level (excellent to poor)
  • Detail and summary reports provided
  • No cost to the credit union to deploy