Anywhere, anytime security

Vysym's redundant server configuration allows you to have complete and immediate recovery in the event of an anomaly occurrence with the primary system. Each system monitors the other system to ensure that it is operational to the fullest extent. If an error is found, Vysym's service department is automatically notified of the error. Secondary units may be installed either alongside the primary unit for immediate failover or they may be installed at an offsite location that is used for full disaster recovery.

Our unique redundancy plan offers you an affordable way to ensure service continuity.

The TALIS™ Voice Gateway system offers:

  • A complete redundant server

  • 24-line maximum unit

  • Identical hardware configurations

  • Installable onsite with primary system for failover

  • Installable offsite at disaster recovery location for full disaster recovery

  • Only requirements are network communications

  • Each system monitors the other system, looking at:
    • -  Call volumes
    • -  Time between calls
    • -  Answer times
    • -  Disk usage
    • -  CPU usage
    • -  Memory allocation