Support overview

The Vysym support team has the overall responsibility for customer satisfaction with all Vysym products. Vysym makes every effort to ensure its products perform reliably. We take pride in our excellent service and support record; for over 20 years, we continue to hear back from customers telling us we provide outstanding quality service, quick response time and full problem resolution.

Service Levels

Vysym Support categorizes support into three levels of issue severity (Critical, Major and Minor) which determines the response level and the target resolution of such issue.

Critical: Errors which cause a production outage for the customer, which cannot be resolved by a restart or workaround. Initial response time: 2 hours. Note: Vysym Support has someone on call at all times (365/24/7) to respond to such mission critical situations.
Major: High impact errors where the supported product is operating in a significantly impaired fashion or a major function is unusable and cannot be resolved by a restart or a workaround but the customer is able to run in production. Initial response time: 4 hours.
Minor: Errors which do not have a significant impact on production and can be resolved by a restart or a workaround. Initial response time: 8 hours.