Testimonials from our clients

"When we decided to upgrade our automated phone system, Vysym was our first choice! They made a commitment to match everything our old system included, while providing all the benefits of a new and improved system for our members. They worked closely with us through this transition and provided timely solutions when we needed something recorded or changed. The new TALIS™ Voice Gateway gives our members more choices and is an easier system for new users."

Jeff Napper

"We needed a partner with new ideas, a fresh approach and a sense of urgency to match the demands of change in the financial services industry. Vysym has filled this need for several years providing us with creative options to meet the expanding needs of our members and our business. We have been very satisfied with the reliability and robust features of the TALIS® Voice Gateway system and, more importantly, the enthusiasm, partnership and dependability of their talented employees."

Tim Samuelson
Vice President

"The service we have received from Vysym has been excellent. Help Desk issues are always taken care of in a timely manner. Vysym always works hard to ensure that any problem we experience is corrected completely and to our satisfaction. The professionalism, courtesy and caring displayed truly makes us feel like a valued customer. Thanks!"

Greg Hunter
Lending Support Specialist

"Our experience with Vysym has exceeded our expectations. They have been very responsive to service requests and are a great business partner."

Thomas Bell
Manager of Information Systems

"With all the various complex applications that an IT department must maintain on an 'on-growing' basis, it's comforting knowing that there is one system I never have to stress about—our Vysym IVR system. As with any 24-hour, real-time response, high-demand system, problems can escalate very quickly and Vysym has always stepped up to the plate to address whatever is necessary to quickly right any problem. In the IT world, support can make or break a product. Bottom line, Vysym supports what they sell."

Jason Pless
Network Administrator

"We have been very pleased with the quick response time that Vysym support commits to. We have always appreciated the personal touch that Vysym provides. Thanks!"

Chad Turk
IT Business Analyst

"The TALIS™ system itself is robust and was very well received by our membership. However, it was the Vysym employees that made the difference. Their implementations and support groups exemplify the qualities of great customer service. They were a pleasure to work with through the entire process; purchasing all the way through go-live. I highly recommend their solution and their company."

Justin Harder
Director, Electronic Delivery

"Professional installation process, knowledgeable courteous employees, and a GREAT product! We recommend Vysym for all your interactive audio response needs."

Shelly Guthrie